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Terry Pratchett
November 2011
reviewed: Moving Pictures
Excellent as always. Pratchett's books remain my favorites. Highest score and recommendation and five stars.
Moving Pictures (Discworld, #10) - Terry Pratchett
reviewed: The Killing Dance (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, Book 6)
Not so good as I expected but not too bad either. That's why the book receives three strong stars from me. Good book for quit...
The Killing Dance  - Laurell K. Hamilton
October 2011
reviewed: Mort
Excellent - Pratchett's series is simply a masterpiece. i simply adore writer's style, ideas and the way he presents them!! B...
Mort - Terry Pratchett
October 2011
reviewed: The Light Fantastic: A Discworld Novel
The Light Fantastic  - Terry Pratchett
August 2011
reviewed: New Tales of the Vampires: includes Pandora and Vittorio the Vampire
Quite OK.
New Tales of the Vampires: includes Pandora and Vittorio the Vampire - Anne Rice
June 2011
reviewed: Dirty Deeds
No no no, not of my type and never again !
Dirty Deeds - Lorelei James
reviewed: She's No Faerie Princess (The Others, Book 10)
The book is funny and sexy. A combination of fantasy and romance. The plot is quite complex so you easily get involved and ho...
She's No Faerie Princess (The Others, Book 10) - Christine Warren
reviewed: Going Postal
If you're Pratchett's fan, you gonna love this book regardless what I write. I really enjoyed this one. The author's sense of...
Going Postal - Terry Pratchett
reviewed: Guilty Pleasures
Why I have even chosen this book? It's a full disappointment! There's nothing interesting in here, so don't pick it up !! the...
Guilty Pleasures - Lawrence Sanders
reviewed: Demon in My View (Den of Shadows)
The book is weak, it's below average. It's a total disappointment! Too short, too stereotyped, cliche, poor writing. Terrible...
Demon in My View - Amelia Atwater-Rhodes
reviewed: Touch the Dark (Cassandra Palmer, Book 1)
A really nice fantasy. The main character has a gift, she is a seer, she can see the future and communicate with ghosts. Due ...
Touch the Dark - Karen Chance